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Alfa Logo for a designer with initials KS. I've blocked out the name to stay anonymous.
Bravo Not a fan of the green, cute concept and love that the type fits so well with the style.
Charlie Agreed on both point. Love the concept and type, bluer green?
Delta Zuno Green
Echo K---- s---- Sorry :P it's nice, Which typeface did you use?
Foxtrot Try the k as white, distorted to imitate a light hit on the bulb
Foxtrot Instead of using it as a filament
Golf Very girly. If that is what you were going for congrats. If you want to be taken more seriously you may want to rethink the design. Colors and too much cuteness going on?! I think.
Hotel Because being girly, you can't be taken seriously.....(???)
Charlie I don't think it's girly. I find it fun.
India My first thought was that it looks like children's educational software. Truthfully I'm not so into the lightbulb S in the mark. It looks unresolved.