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Alfa Which which?
Bravo Have you tried curving the ends to flow with the body?
Charlie The second one my friend
Alfa Yea I did with the two on the left, the bottom curve continues to the point. Tried doing it with the top curve, but it just didn't look good.
Bravo Aha, ok then! I'm just curious to see the white bit curved on the bottom right part.. They look good though! Like the color scheme :)
Delta I like the bottom left one the best. Has nice rhythm between the two ends, is the most unique, and reminds me most of a foxtail.
Echo Bottom left is my fave! It looks the most like a foxtail and least like It could be mistaken for a little bird.
Foxtrot Yes, me three. Bottom left. Very nice.
Golf My main concern is that the overall form will always look like a bird - not a fox. Minor graphic tweaks may help this problem but by no means will solve it. I would suggest trying a more horizontal form that matches that of a fox and work on abstract visual cues that represent this (eg bushy tail). The visual itself is really very nice - it would be a shame if it doesn't communicate properly. 👍
Alfa I know a tail is kinda vague, wanted it to be an S for sneaks. Trying some animal head too.
Hotel Bottom right is my preference
India Bottom two are my favourite- feel that the white could be bigger to be more prominent and obvious as a foxtail
Juliett Third one.
Juliett I thought it was a bird.
Kilo Bottom left resembles a foxtail more and is more smooth where as the others could be mistaken as a bird without that blending the bottom left has.