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Alfa The typography doesn't seem to match or mesh with the style of the rest. I'd work on those numbers.
Bravo When someone just throws out that type doesn't go well..blah blah... Then explain -give option what a sans serif font? Old style? Slab? What?
Alfa Chill pill, Bravo. It was meant to be helpful without being presumptuous. It would have been more helpful if you had just given your own critique instead of just criticizing my critique... Considering I don't know the context, it can be difficult to present alternatives. Personally, I might try a custom drawn type that resembled an electric current. Perhaps based off a thin sans serif or
Alfa cursive that was the same thickness as the filament.
Bravo Bravo isn't the creator Alfa just don't like crit without backup
Charlie Hi guys thank you! I've had to NOT use the correct typeface, icon or name due to it being a live thing! Give me a couple of days and a new version with slightly more will be added :-) thanks for the conversations though! I'm new to this app and thought I'd give it a go!
Alfa Lol yes I know Bravo. Which is why I said you should've given a critique to help the creator. Still haven't heard from you. To Charlie: looking forward to your revision :)
Charlie Thanks Alfa... I've decided to go in a new direction (see latest work) however I really love this idea and will create a little thing to share!! Thanks Alfa