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Alfa The penguin looks upside down
Bravo The flick at the bottom is its tail. The head is at the top with an oil droplet for the beak.
Alfa I dunno man, I'd probably just go for a stylized P that looks semi penguiny and the oil drip
Charlie Penguin doesn't look upside down to me. But aren't penguin tails black? I would keep the tail black and just make a really nice shape with the body and tail. Looks good though.
Bravo Did the tail yellow so it emphasised the oil drip shape of the body/wing. It's just abstract wasn't supposed to be an exact representation of a penguin. But thanks man, I can see how the yellow tail might be misleading!
Delta Ignore this lot, I like it and I get what you're trying to put across. Remember to trust your own instinct regardless of the feedback you get given. This app is a perfectionist hell so don't give in to its vices
Bravo Haha thanks!
Echo Love this. I agree, don't change it.
Bravo Thanks! Appreciate it