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Alfa The middle one looks like a bug zapper
Alfa Hamburger mic
Alfa Bottom right looks like a bowl with fire in it or something.
Alfa pretty cliche... try to be more conceptual
Echo What if you mix the last one and the middle one
Foxtrot I like the 2nd one
Golf Usually I would go for the simple ones, but I quite like the 3rd
Hotel NPR copied
India 3rd
Juliett You
Kilo Shows there is always room for variation in a single design, nice work!
Lima They start to look kind of burger-y after a while
Mike Like the variations, you could play with stroke too!
November 1st on 3rd row looks like a hamburger in cup. I like #3 first row
Oscar They look great! Consider making the decision based the final scale it is to be used. Too right option, with some more refinement is the most successful design Imo.
Papa Middle right