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Alfa SKILLS : zitron creative agency : by : JOSÉ FERREIRA
Bravo What's your specialty? What do you do best?
Charlie Why do you have a company name, then your name? Are you the company or what?
Delta My guess this could be an online website/ resume.
Echo Don't use a graph, it's out dated. Keep it simple though.
Foxtrot Hum, watch out for the spelling mistakes like color "teory"
Golf It's not english
Foxtrot It's half English, half Portuguese. Even if it was Portuguese or Spanish that word does not exist ;)
India yes, you're right, it is an error, the word is this: theory. thank you
India Friends, thank you for your words, all comments and criticisms are welcome.It may seem a bit complicated, but it is not, the brand "Zitron" is my since 2000, today, I have no business and self-employment, but pay all serv