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Alfa Nice, but why not flow the body into the tail?
Bravo Cannot get what you mean.. Sorry! Could you please explain it?
Alfa Where the body meets the tail, there's a little step down, why not have them be one smooth line.
Bravo Ah ok.. Just because i liked the step to make it discontinuous.
Echo This is beautiful, but I agree with the above comment. It should flow in the tail.
Foxtrot I think it should not flow in the tail. Nice to do it differently!
Golf than's a lot! I'll try that way!
Hotel I think of you don't want it to flow with the tail, then the step needs to be clearer and bigger. Right now it looks like an accident. But I do think that it would look nice if the tail were in line with the back as well.
India These are vibrant and brilliant color combinations
Juliett If you really like the step down that much, I would suggest making it more pronounced. Because it is so subtle it looks like sloppy craftsmanship. Either commit to making it flow or disconecting. Otherwise this is great
Kilo flow the tail.
Lima The red is way too bright compared to the blue. I would suggest working on lighting so the mountains don’t look so flat