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Alfa Super cute
Bravo I think the scarf with the date in it has to have the same grade of curve as the text above.
Bravo Besides that, VERY NICE!
Delta One of the best things ive seen On this app
Echo I agree with the scarf comment and this a really fun design! Yay!
Foxtrot Awesome. Also agree on scarf curve. Also, would it be even cuter if it was a tie? May just do a point at the end? Either way, really nice.
Golf Oh dear god no... Ppl making infinity sign... Scarf.... Oh god... Back to sketch board 0_0 I don't think juxtaposition of ppl and sign is a good idea. U can come up with something. Better
Hotel I like it. Maybe just adjust the scarf angle and add some tassles or something subtle to make it clear its his scarf.
India Cute and funny! 👏 and original too. Love it!
Echo I don't think it's a scarf. It's just an element to present the date. If its anything its a tie. They marry in april. She wears a summer dress.
Kilo The idea is nice, but their bodies as the infinity symbol just does not work at all for me.
Lima Meh... The idea is nice but a bit cheesy, the bodies as the infinity symbol does not do the job.
Mike this is awesome. really would like to see another font used in place of that script one. it's too lobster 2.0 for me :)
November one of the cutest wedding related thing ive seen so far. make the colors a bit lively though
Oscar This is fun
Papa This is creative! Love the tie becoming the banner :)
Quebec I actuall Blake this idea, I think it's funky and cute
Romeo I like the style but I feel like the mouth on James could be a little higher or a bit further open so the space between his mouth and nose isnt as large But I like the rest :)
Sierra gorgeous
Tango Love this.. really cool idea, and beutiful you illustrated
Uniform I’m glad you are trying different things out, but the woman’s leg looks like a giant arm. The hand on the guys left arm need to be flipped it’s the wrong orientation.
Uniform I would also suggest dropping the scarf and text, it’s just too much.